Load shedding on the rise as power shortfall exceeds 5,500 MW


LAHORE: The power shortfall in the country has exceeded 5,500 mega watts (MW) leading to an increase in load shedding in several cities.

Several areas of Lahore are experiencing power outages of 12-15 hours daily while the situation in several smaller cities of Punjab is even worse.

10-12 hours of load shedding is also being experienced in cities across Sindh, while in Balochistan cities are facing up to 16 hours while in rural areas the duration can be up to 20 hours. In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the duration of load shedding is 16-18 hours in rural and 12 hours in cities.

Power generation in the country stands at 12,500 MW while demand is in excess of 18,000 MW. LESCO requires 4,500 MW to fulfill demand but is receiving 2,000 MW.

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