Ogra detaches itself from price notifications


ISLAMABAD: The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority on Wednesday disassociated itself from issuing notifications regarding pricing decisions of petroleum products, stating it to be the responsibility of Pakistan State Oil.

According to the statement, Ogra has stated that the authority to issue such notifications had been retracted and transferred to PSO by the ECC on June 2, 2012. It further stated that Ogra’s role had now been limited to monitoring.

Regarding prices, the statement said that Ogra had always voiced against the burden of price increases being passed over to the general public.

Details were also given regarding the governments tax revenue on petroleum products, where taxes on petroleum and high octane are Rs24.42 and Rs32.32 respectively, and Rs30.37 on High-Speed Diesel. Taxes on Light Diesel Oil stood at Rs16.63 while Kerosene yielded Rs10.

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