DJ Diplo reports ‘all well’ from Islamabad

ISLAMABAD:  Grammy award winner DJ Diplo on Sunday uploaded his videos and images on Snapchat, in which he is seen wandering around in Islamabad, meeting people, filming himself and fans, aiming balloons and watching people fly kites.

The DJ had come to Pakistan earlier this week for a concert in Islamabad and also took a day out to see around the city. Diplo went to the suburbs of Islamabad where he saw the people living in the slums, grazing cattle and shepherding donkeys. He enjoyed the medley being played by a musician in Islamabad.

His scenes with his fans in the video were worth watching. However, the best part was when the DJ hoisted Pakistan flag in his concert and the crowd went crazy watching the scene.

In his videos uploaded on Snapchat, DJ Diplo showed how well Pakistan is doing today, as foreigners can roam freely around the city without any fear.

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