Probe blames poor evacuation plans in deadly Portugal fire


LISBON, Portugal  News reports say an independent investigation into a Portuguese forest fire that killed 64 people has found that authorities failed to evacuate villages on time. 

TheDiario de Noticias newspaper said investigation commission president Joao Guerreiro told reporters in Lisbon on Thursday that on June 17, officials on the ground coordinating firefighting efforts in the Pedrogao Grande municipality should have evacuated villages or ordered residents to stay indoors before

He said the fire became impossible to control by 5 p.m. He was speaking after the commission presented a 300-page report to the Portuguese parliament on Thursday. In the blaze, 47 people died on one road while trying to flee in cars.

The commission said the fire, which destroyed some 29,000 hectares, (nearly 72,000 acres) was probably caused by lightning

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