Sale of CNG in Islamabad prohibited for 10 hours a day


ISLAMABAD: The sale of CNG as fuel has been prohibited for 10 hours a day from Thursday onwards due to the disruption in the supply of gas and to facilitate domestic consumers.

Residents of the capital are faced with disruption in gas supply and low pressure and many complaints have been made to the capital administration in this regard.

The Islamabad deputy commissioner therefore put a restriction on the over 80 CNG stations in the city regarding the sale of CNG as fuel for the next two months.

The notification issued from the office of the district magistrate says the huge amount of CNG used as fuel causes shortage of gas for domestic use and that there is sufficient grounds for proceeding to prohibit the use of CNG as fuel for vehicles in order to provide immediate relief to the public at large.

District Magistrate retired Capt Mushtaq Ahmed prohibited the sale of CNG as fuel at stations from 5am to 10am and 5pm to 10pm.

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