Left assails Modi’s intransigence, counsels talks with Pakistan


NEW DELHI: India’s parties of the left are losing patience with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “no talks” policy with Pakistan, and the Communist Party of India-Marxist, the largest parliamentary group in the pack, gave expression to the frustration on Thursday, calling for an early resumption of dialogue with Islamabad.

“The Modi government’s policy towards Pakistan has reached a dead end,” the CPI-M said in the latest issue of the party organ, Peoples Democracy. “Despite all its bluster and nationalistic posturing on Kashmir, the Modi government must realise that a dialogue with Pakistan is an essential part of arriving at a political settlement on the Jammu & Kashmir issue.”

Understood to have been penned by former party chief Prakash Karat, who edits the weekly paper, the party pressed the government to work on restoring the 2003 ceasefire agreement together with a resumption of the comprehensive dialogue with Pakistan.

The call came as a host of countries in Afghanistan’s neighbourhood and beyond gathered in Kabul to resolve the sticking regional issue that drives much of diplomacy in South Asia.

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