Remains of 38 Indians killed by IS in Iraq handed over to minister


BAGHDAD: The remains of 38 Indian construction workers captured and killed by the militant Islamic State group in northern Iraq were handed over to Indian authorities in Baghdad to be flown home later on Sunday.

Indian Ambassador Pradeep Singh Rajpurohit said the bodies had been taken to Baghdad International Airport and would be flown back on a military flight, arriving in India on Monday.

India’s Minister of State for External Affaires, Vijay Kumar Singh, saluted the remains at the airport as workers loaded the caskets on the aircraft. Singh condemned terrorism and expressed his government stance in fighting it.

“We are against terrorism in all its forms and manifestations,” he told reporters, describing IS as “very cruel terrorist organisation and our people have fallen to their bullets.” IS abducted and killed the workers shortly after seizing the northern city of Mosul in the summer of 2014. Iraqi authorities discovered the remains in a mass grave last year after retaking Mosul, and positively identified the bodies last month.


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