New York Times spoils Batman and Catwoman’s wedding


The highly anticipated Batman #50 comic containing the details of Gotham’s hero Batman and Catwoman’s upcoming nuptials was spoiled by The New York Times on Sunday.

Written by Tom King and drawn by Mikel Janin, the issue will hit the stands on July 4.

The paper detailed the upcoming issue revealing that Batman is left standing at the altar by his bride-to-be, who explains that marrying Bruce Wayne would make her happy.

“To save the world, heroes make sacrifices,” Selina tells Bruce in a letter. “My sacrifice is my life. It’s you.”

The Times story ends with the two of them leaping off of different buildings, as they often do, with Selina throwing off her veil and Bruce throwing off his tie after waiting an hour and realising she’s not coming.

King later took to social media to comment on the premature reveal.

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