Believe it or not Europe, Trump really does not have a plan


Did you ever wonder what it would be like for a man with no attention span, who has declared bankruptcy four times, to lead the world’s most powerful country?

We all know that Donald Trump loves to boast about the size of his crowds – now he can truly say they came out in their many thousands in his name.

Of course, from what we know of the Donald, any suggestion the masses turned out in opposition to his visit will fall into the category of “fake news”.

Organisers claimed 250,000 people turned out for the huge demonstration in London.

While police have not given an official estimate, to my eyes this was one of the biggest rallies in recent years.

It was mass mobilisation by many disparate groups, all united in their belief that President Donald Trump should not have been afforded an official welcome to the UK.
The demonstrators, young and old, families and many individuals, came from far and wide.

Sara Jamil said she was protesting against Mr Trump’s “racist, sexist, anti-immigrant” attitudes.

A protester named Mal said fury at the US president’s LGBTQ policies meant they “had to be here”.

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