Petrol being sold at inflated prices in Jhang


JHANG: Most of the petrol pumps in the district are selling petrol at Rs97.50 per litre, charging consumer extra Rs2 from the official notified price of Rs95.50 under the cover of fuel transportation charges.

Muhammad Riaz, of Station Chowk, told Dawn he found out about the reduction in fuel prices through the media but he was charged Rs97.50 per liter in the district. He urged the government and the Oil and Gas Regulation Authority (Ogra) to take action against petrol pump owners and oil marketing companies (OMCs) for overcharging the consumers.

He said Ogra had no mechanism at the district level to ensure that official prices were in place at petrol stations of OMCs. Instead, Ogra authorised the district administration to monitor prices at fuel pumps while fuel station owners had good relations with the administration.

Another petrol consumer Rana Jamil said the last time when fuel prices were reduced, assistant commissioner raided some petrol stations and took action against them for overcharging the customers. Later on, raids were stopped.

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