Is Sarfraz the best choice to lead Pakistan in the World Cup?


Nothing definite can be said about the mercurial Pakistan team.

The game of cricket is of a chance but when it comes to green shirts nothing certain can be said even of its chances.

The team barely managed to cement its place for the Champions Trophy tournament. It was a far-fetched idea to predict that the team would even be among the top four, let alone emerge as the winner of the tournament.

But it happened.

And we all know how glorious it was.

Pakistan entered to play Asia Cup as favorites, unlike Champions Trophy. The grounds considered as Pakistan’s ‘Home’. India had a fine squad for the tournament but it was far from being at its full throttle due to the absence of its skipper Virat Kohli.

The ‘favourite’ Pakistan was not even able to qualify for the final.

There are times when the Pakistani team doesn’t lose the game due to poor play but the conspirators within it ensure that the team doesn’t win.

Aftermath the exit from Asia Cup a few of the cricket analysts opined that the Sarfraz should have done brave captaincy. It’s interesting to see that the analysis is on a player’s performance under whose leadership Pakistan won 16 of its 23 matches.

Today questions are being raised on his leadership skills solely on the basis of Asia Cup. Rather than sacking the captain the best thing to do now is to rest the under-performers and replace them with the players performing in the domestic circuit.

PCB Chairperson Ehsan Mani has categorically rejected the demand to change the captain. Perhaps he knows that ‘anti-captain’ circumstances are often created by the conspirators for their vested interests.

A few years back Pakistani team was abroad under its skipper Younis Khan. I called him and told him that does he know conspiracies are being made against him and players have taken an oath to underperform under his captaincy.

Younis calmly responded he is well aware of it as interestingly the players took oath on his personal Quran.

Sarfraz is a popular captain. He is a straight-forward man and there is no better alternative than him who can lead Pakistan in World Cup 2019. He is a good keeper and a good planner for each game. He has all the potential to lead the team to win the next World Cup.

It’s pleasant to see PCB has maintained its support for him. The entire nation is standing with him.

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